Hello OSR World!

The Dead Games Society of Texas, is an eclectic group of RPG enthusiasts who enjoy playing and promoting games that are no longer in print. We attend conventions, run games of yesteryear and host a podcast as well! Called Old School Blues. Many of us have decades of gaming experience and each one of the members, living in Texas or not, bring something different to the table or podcast.

The purpose of our new podcast will be to bring you the very best in OSR, from new modules, new systems, new classes, new races..etc. We will give you that “around the table” feel to our podcast as we chat about certain topics or do reviews and just like listening in at a gaming table the hosts will lose focus and chat about things that interest them. Hope you enjoy!

Feel free to contact at anytime with an idea, something to review or if you want to be a sponsor of the show!


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