Old School Blues Podcast Episode 1


IN this is very episode Vince and Erik sit down to review a module sent in by a listener that could be a one shot for a convention (provided you have roleplayers) or could be an awesome seed for a campaign.

The module is called, “The met in a tavern”

They Met In A Tavern – Dice Addict Games |

About a day’s journey by loaded wagon from a good sized trading city, at the edge of a small farming community, sits a moderately successful inn and tavern called The Merchant’s Rest. Due to an unlikely confluence of circumstances, four exceptional people with as many reasons to mistrust each other as they have to cooperate, are about to caught up in a tide of violence and dark sorcery which will threaten not only their own lives but those of the local populace.

They Met In A Tavern is a single set-piece scenario which includes four pre-generated characters. It was originally written for one shot or convention use. Notes are also included for using the content in an ongoing campaign

Links today:

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Module link – http://www.rpgnow.com/product/185916/They-Met-In-A-Tavern?term=they+met+in+a+tavern&test_epoch=0

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