Old School Blues Podcast Episode 8

This week Vince, Erik and Colin sit down and review an OSR created product called Black Pudding #2 by Random Order Creations. This awesomely put together magazine is OSR at its finest, making you feel like you have been transported back to the ’80s, when your DM hand wrote everything in his notebook and doodled up the pics during homeroom, plotting and planning your possible death that upcoming day after school!

The guys gave this a solid 5 tankard rating





It was absolutely amazing is all we can say. Very impressive. Its a pay what you will or want on RPGNOW.com

Black pudding #2 – http://www.rpgnow.com/product/202044/Black-Pudding-2?term=black+pudding&test_epoch=0

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1 comment on “Old School Blues Podcast Episode 8”

  1. J.V. West Reply

    Wow, thanks for the kind coverage! I’m happy you guys digged it. (Dug it?)

    I draw both traditionally and digitally. The cover art is ink on paper. The Keeper is ink on paper. Much of the other stuff is also ink on paper, but there is also a mix of stuff I drew on the ole Intuos4 tablet. For example, the entire Mace of the Ape King mini adventure was drawn on the tablet. The entire Werewolf Hunter class was drawn and laid out using the tablet. I really just go with what feels best in the moment. I’ll go through long periods of drawing only on paper and then long periods of drawing only digitally.

    Regarding class tables: I wing that mother. I generally use B/X as a guide, which is why a lot of my classes seem to top out at level 14. Other times I’ll stop at 9 or 10, mostly in an effort to be economical with space. If there is a spell slot table I tend to go up to at least level 14, again riffing on B/X’s style. I rarely have hard level caps so I just don’t even mention it. If the DM wants to cap it they can cap it, or they can expand to 18 or 20 or 36 or whatever.

    Thanks again! Take care.

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