Meet the Members

Vincent Florio

Host/Executive Producer

Vincent is a former Radio Personality, and now lives in the state of Texas, his voice may sound familiar as he has hosted various podcasts, such as Darker Days, RFI Podcast, D6 Radio, Save or Die and others. His DM’ing style is more on the fly, and enjoys the “just roll a D6 Method” to solve those annoying problems. Vince has been playing D&D since the ’80s, and he favors AD&D 1e, along with Holmes Edition of D&D. Vince is also the creator of the 2012 Gold ENnie award winning Mazes & Perils RPG.

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Creator of Mazes & Perils

Erik Tenkar


Erik is a big time blogger at, where he spends a lot of his time reviewing and policing the community to make sure things are on the status quo. He’s been playing since the ’80s and has found his comfort with S&W. If you want a strong opinion or a solid review he’s your man, look no further, he’s a straight shooter and doesn’t believe in making things “PC”.

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Glen Hallstrom


DM Glen, a dyed-in-the-wool Angelino who for some reason is in Oklahoma, started roleplaying back in 1980-81 with 1st Edition AD&D. Since then he has bounced around among many systems such and Champions and Call of Cthulhu. He always returns to the Classics, though. Having cut his teeth on AD&D, Basic was a bit foreign to him but he caught on fast and has embraced his Inner Grognard. Glen feels that when he plays 2e its like finding that favorite pair of old slippers, and putting them on, Its JUST RIGHT.

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Other Dead Games Society Members:

James Spahn

Guest Host

James is an avid DM and player. He has been DM’ing since the early ’80s and kept up with the evolution of the game to date. His DM’ing style focuses on overall player engagement and setting the right expectations. He currently lives in Maryland with his lovely wife and kid. James favors Labyrinth Lord and Basic/Expert D&D. James is the creator of White Star

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Guest Host

Chrispy hails from Las Vegas, NV. While his heart will always belong to Basic D&D, it’s mostly because he favors the rules-lite, shoot from the hip, make-it-up-as-you-go freedom he finds there, without having to neglect written rules (like Attack Bonus vs. Specific Armor Types, Weapon Speed or Potion Miscibility), but he can get around in 1st Edition just fine. He’s currently a full time student at UNLV, enjoys playing music, studying the mechanical aspects of language, and playing games whenever he can find the time. He also makes dumb D&D jokes on his own show at

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Guest Host

Colin hails from Chicago, where he works in the IT industry. He has been gaming since 1979, and ran the first DGS games at GenCon in 2009. He loves classic D&D, Call of Cthulhu, and the D6 System, although he plays many RPG and board games. He prefers adventures with a strong role-playing element, a cinematic approach, and carefully constructed plotlines. In a previous life, he was a teacher and wrote horror stories for zines back in the 90s.

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